Refund Policy

For refund policy, you may send an email to or in regards to your refund with details as below :

a) Registered name in the event

b) Contact details

c) Reason of withdrawal and prove

Our personnel in charge shall contact you within 5 working days for verification purposes and additional information request. Once your refund request is rectified and approved, you shall receive your refund not more than 15 days after receiving confirmation from the Organizer.

Note : Terms & condition apply for refund, and upon Organizer’s decision.

Terms of refund :

Refund request made 61 days or more prior to the event date, will receive a 100% refund, within 30 days – 60 days will incur a 30% penalty charges, within 8 days – 30 days will incur a 50% penalty charges, 7 days and below, refund will not be accepted.